Thailand, the Constitutional Monarchy for Health Tourism

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations from Southeast Asia attracting around 15 million tourists every year. Medical tourism has added yet another dimension to its tourism popularity due to growing demand for low-priced cosmetic and other treatments in western countries. Services typically sought by tourists in Thailand include cheap plastic surgeries to more serious life-saving medical procedures. Statics indicate that the cost of surgery in Thailand can be one-tenth of what it is in Australia or United States.

Popular medical treatments and plastic surgeries in Thailand include breast implants and breast augmentations surgeries. Thousands of patients travel to Thailand, particularly from Latin America, Europe and Australia. They are lured by the repute of Thailand doctors (as many of them carry US/UK professional certification), extremely low prices added to high levels of personalized care, world renowned rich and mystical cultural heritage.

Seekers of medical ailments get to explore exotic and culturally distinct destinations spread throughout its 76 provinces ranging from mountainous north to sultry south. Tourism authority of Thailand aims at promoting Thailand medical tourism as a global centre of excellence in medical tourism industry. The body has listed several accredited hospitals, clinics, spas and Thai traditional medicine practitioners for tourists to easily locate and avail credible and safe medical services in Thailand.

There are around 700 government and 300 private hospitals and thanks to their efficient, cost-effective and luxurious health care facilities, tourists can combine health and holiday aspects of travel and enjoy great savings in time and money.

Thailand has glorious beaches, tropical climate, delicious cuisine and friendly people, all adding to an unforgettable experience. Tourists can easily plan and organize their entire trip with health and holiday partners for all transfers, hotel accommodations, appointment with doctors, healthcare treatment bookings, sightseeing tours as well as entertainment attractions.

From exotic beaches and islands, to eco-tourism, historical sightseeing, astounding nightlife and several excursion trips, Thailand can provide a precise combination of excellent, exotic locales and leisure that you may desire.


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