Medical Tourism, Medical Treatment And Travel In Thailand

Medical tourism continues to show strong growth around the world as costs of healthcare, and often waiting times, in developed countries also continue to rise. Potential health care recipients are turning outside their own countries, in ever increasing numbers, and Thailand is one of the main countries to benefit from this trend. Thailand, considered by many to be the global leader in providing healthcare for medical tourists, has seen robust growth in this market over the last ten years. Widely used estimates suggest that the number of medical tourists has risen from 500,000 in 2001 to over 1.4 million in 2009. Most of this increase was achieved in the last five years and is currently generating an income to Thailand of around $ 2 billion. The most important markets for the industry in Thailand are the Middle East and Europe. With The Middle East accounting for over 50% of this total, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is currently involved in setting up several initiatives to further develop this market.

The number of hospitals and clinics to choose from in Thailand, along with treatments provided, is extensive. Further, patients can choose to undergo their surgeries from any one of the hospitals located in the world class destinations of; Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai. Some of the most popular procedures include; cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgery, cosmetic surgery and dental care. The actual cost savings on these procedures can be huge. For example, the cost of a heart bypass or valve replacement, can typical cost between $ 130,000 to $ 160,000 in a developed country. In contrast, the same surgery, performed to the same standard, would cost around $ 10,000 in Thailand.

Thailand has long been a favorite medical tourist destination for a number of reasons. Firstly, the actual facilities and equipment available is world class. Historically, Thailand was the first nation in the region to receive ISO 9001 accreditation for one of its hospitals, and with significant investments made by the medical industry; many other hospitals have now achieved similar status. Equally as important, the training of the medical staff is commonly to the same standard as the West. Thai doctors not only undergo a first class education within their won country, but additionally, often undertake specialist training, usually either in the United States or Europe. Of course, along with state of the art facilities, well trained staff, and huge discounts available compared to their native countries, medical tourists are also attracted to Thailand for its many attractions as a world class tourist destination.

Thailand has long remained one of the top holiday destinations worldwide and for a recuperating patient has potentially much to offer. There are beautiful exotic beaches, large areas of National Park, splendid historical and cultural attractions, excellent cuisine and equally first rate shopping. Another lure for potential visitors are the many wonderful spas available throughout the country, which provide the perfect way to relax and recover, before returning home. Additionally to this, if staying in Bangkok, a visitor can enjoy the excitement and international facilities of a city, again voted World’s Best City by Travel and Leisure magazine. Regardless of the what medical treatment is required, it’s easy to see why ever increasing numbers are attracted to Thailand, as a way of reducing medical costs, whilst receiving world class treatment, combined with being able to enjoy the many attractions Thailand has to offer.

The Tourist Authority of Thailand has now proudly launched its new medical portal website to provide useful, legitimate and up-to-date advice about medical tourism and medical providers in Thailand for international patients who are interested in getting world class healthcare in the kingdom from plastic surgery to treatments for more life threatening illnesses.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched a new medical tourism website. Their new medical portal website essentially provides information relating to surgical procedure

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