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Phuket, the hugest island of Thailand, is considered among the most popular vacation destinations. Located in the south, Phuket has a rich history and offers tourists beautiful beaches as well as ecotourism. It is not difficult to find low price hotels in Phuket, as the tourism industry is increasingly developing as the main income source of this nation.


Teeming with numerous breathtaking attractions like its spectacular beaches, historical wonders, water sports, refreshing spas and exciting shopping spots, Phuket offers its visitors quite a load of adventures across the island. Cheap Phuket hotels ensure an economical stay on the island while you maximize on the list of activities that add color to your stay.


Having had a rich history, the island of Phuket has a strong cultural flavor. This is best reflected in its architecture. The increase in tin production in the 19th century led to an industrial boom which subsequently led to the construction of a number of beautiful Mediterranean styled mansions. Today many of these mansions have been converted into some of the best hotels in Thailand. Many cheap Phuket hotels are established in such charming structures that offer a fine stay that promises to be as comfortable as they are economical.


Discover the Essence of Thai Tradition


Most of the hotels in Phuket are styled to a traditional taste. The guests are treated to a visual splendor that exhibits the Thai culture rooted in Buddhist philosophies while celebrating Nature. In fact, these are probably the best hotels in Thailand that could give you a realistic and complete Thai experience.


Overlooking beaches, groves and bustling streets, the best hotels in Thailand offer an eclectic variety of sights and sounds to experience from. They are also located close to the airport and other transportation facilities in addition to the popular tourist destinations on the island.


Cheap Phuket hotels do not compromise on the quality of stay. Most of these hotels offer some of the best Thai massage and spa facilities at special discount rates. Thus these hotels offer a great programme that helps your mind and body relax and keeps you refreshed throughout your stay. So visit Phuket and get your thrills amidst its enchanting forests, beautiful beaches, and thrilling water sports like scuba diving, parasailing and snorkeling and after a fast paced shopping spree, unwind under the setting sun, soaking up the fragrances typical to Thailand with a healthy and refreshing and well-deserved massage. offers the Charm of Thailand Hotels as an online hotel reservation agency offers a range of great hotels in Thailand from where visitors can set off to explore a culture that is diverse, hospitality that is much-spoken about and exotic sights that go to make a vacation complete.

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